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Live Wedding & Event Painting

As someone who had a live painter at her own wedding, I can't imagine not having our own heirloom painting!
Here's why...

Your Live Wedding Painting


How would it feel to be able to always hold an heirloom keepsake that was actually created ON your wedding day? Think about it! Your delicious food will be eaten. Those incredible flowers will, eventually, wither. But your live wedding painting is forever, and it will be an experience you AND your guests will talk about...well, forever!

So, what exactly is live wedding painting? It involves an artist painting your special! Unlike your wonderful photographer who is with you to document your day with ninja-like skills, a live painter captures the love and mood of the wedding in their own, unique style. It's exciting, it all happens very fast, it's certainly a bit tricky, and guests love watching the progress of the painting over the course of the evening. 

As your live wedding painter, I'll work with you to create a painting and experience you'll treasure forever. We'll choose a favorite wedding day moment you would love captured, or even a combination of moments! On the big day, I'll bring everything necessary to make the experience just that: an experience. Entertaining and educating curious guests is a specialty, And then, using my signature whimsical and colorful style, I'll get to work creating your work of art. I can add in the likenesses of friends or family who may not be able to be with you on your day, including fur babies and special persons who have passed on.

I hope your painting will Marie Kondo your life and "spark joy" in you each time you look at it...just as mine does for me. Most of all, I hope I can be a new cheerleader of your marriage or, dare I say, even friend! This whole process is an adventure, and it'll be my honor to go along on the ride with you.

Starbucks very berry hibiscus refreshers, vanilla milkshakes with rainbow sprinkles, the sound of running water, only the finest of Bravo television, sundresses, & all the candles!

Some things I may be a little obsessed with...

Not only does my live wedding painting experience entertain your guests (they LOVE watching my progress throughout the evening), but it will create one of your first keepsakes as a newly married couple. How great is that?

Curious to learn more? Let's chat! I would LOVE to tell you!

Live Wedding Painting is truly special. It's my passion to create a work of art that you and your sweetheart will want to treasure!

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I donate a portion of the proceeds from every live wedding painting service to organizations dedicated to rescuing animals, particularly Best Friends Animal Society and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue (the organization that brought our beloved fur baby Bolt into our lives)! Lucky Dog alone has helped rescue more than 13,000 furry lives since 2009. Both organizations are also known for mobilizing in times of crisis, especially during natural disasters in which our furry friends are too often left behind or left vulnerable.

It's my hope that when you invest in your live painting experience you'll not only be blessed by it, but feel good about your investment! Heres to saving more lives...together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What canvas size should you get? Are payment plans available? Do I travel? What's the process? 
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Where do I begin with Brittany?? From the moment I first contacted her, she was so genuine, sincere and so happy to talk too! I didnt even know I wanted a live painter at my wedding until I came in contact with her, now I think EVERYONE should have Brittany at their wedding! Our guests adored her and thought it was so neat to have someone their painting our day. I am in the wedding industry as well and I work with so many vendors, and I can honestly say that Brittany is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most hard working vendor I've worked with! We just love her and you will too! xo

"I didn't even know I wanted a live painter at my wedding until I came in contact with her...

Jenna & Sam

kind words

Many people commented on how unique the whole process was, and how they had been to many weddings but had never seen live painting! All of our guests who interacted with you talked about how bubbly and outgoing you were. From the beginning, you were professional and prompt. I did not have much input regarding what I wanted in the painting, and you guided me throughout the entire process. Our guests loved watching your progress on the painting throughout the night! You went above and beyond to paint all of our guests and our wedding party. You even added our dog who couldn't make it to the wedding! We will treasure it forever.

"I loved hearing the reaction from guests when they saw you really helped make our wedding day one of a kind!"

Andie & Rich

kind words

The painting was exactly what I wanted. The venue is very dear to my heart, and having a waterfront reception was always my dream. I loved how Brittany included so much waterfront and the little details I spent so much time looking for and planning. Also - totally in love with how Brittany captured my swishy dress. The whole process was wonderful, I only wish we had snagged a picture with Brittany during the reception. We absolutely love having that special moment captured in a different medium. You can always have someone paint from a picture, but having a painting of our first dance by someone that witnessed it and made it come to life on canvas on our special night gives it so much more meaning. I loved the whole process, especially receiving the finished product at my doorstep!

"Honestly, I don't think there was one thing I would change about the live painting experience. I'm so glad we did it!"

Rachel & Robert

kind words

It really is so much more special than just a photo framed in your home. Everyone who sees it will know how special that day was just from one look! The best part about our own live painting experience was seeing our guests’ reactions when they first saw Brittany to create their unique wedding experience! Brittany worked so well with us. She was amazingly courteous, professional, and we feel like we’ve become her friend rather than just a client! We love our painting so much, and we were so so excited to hang it up and display it in our new home for all of our guests, friends and family who come visit us!

"If you're on the fence about having a live painting done, DO IT! Having a painting to display in your home is so magical."  

Alyssa & Hunter

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Investing in your live wedding painting is an investment in an experience; an experience your guests will adore, and one that will yield you an heirloom to treasure forever after. 

Live Wedding Painting Experiences
Investment from $1,399

Couples' Average Investment
$1,499 - $1,599

Destination Live Painting
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Elopements Investment
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Payment plans are available to help make a live wedding painting experience a reality for you and your family! Don't miss out on an opportunity to wow your guests and create a keepsake like no other. I book up just as quickly as your photographer!

With a pilot for a husband, let's just say my bags are always packed and ready. I'm actually on a mission to live paint a wedding in every US state! Simply send me a message to learn more fun specifics.

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