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4 Reasons Why a Live Painting is Perfect for Your Elopements and Micro-Weddings



Whether you’re a couple in love or wedding professional like me, the COVID-19 pandemic has more than likely flipped your world upside down. With the CDC recommending all events with more than 50 people in attendance be banned (and some regions of the nation banning any gathering with more than 10 individuals), many couples are being forced to reschedule their much anticipated wedding day. Covid related elopements and micro-weddings are on the rise!

Though this is, undoubtedly, a difficult and overwhelming decision to make (not to mention dealing with the emotion of re-planning the celebration you’ve already worked so hard on for months or years) you will get through it! In the meantime, you may have noticed some couples opting to marry on their original 2020 wedding date through an elopement or micro-wedding (a scaled down wedding ceremony involving only immediate family or friends) after they choose to postpone the big party. Here at By Brittany Branson, I’m all for it!

I’m also all for couples not feeling that they need to sacrifice all of the hyper personal details and moments typically reserved for the traditional big day. In fact, inviting a live wedding painter to be a part of your elopements and micro-weddings is a fantastic way to not only preserve your new memories but keep your smaller party engaged and excited (while socially distanced, of course). Here’s how:

At left: An image of a couple holding their live wedding painting by Jenny B Photos (as featured on United With Love). At right, a “Just the Two of Us” live wedding painting example of a couple at the 1899 in Indianapolis, IN.

The “Just the Two of Us” Live Wedding Painting Package Already Captures Intimate Elopements or Micro-Wedding Moments

My signature (and one of the most popular) packages my live wedding painting couples invest in is the “Just the Two of Us” live painting experience. This is a painting for couples who decide simply featuring the two of them (and maybe a fur baby or two) at their venue is the best and most perfect option. My Custom Experience packages are typically for couples who want to incorporate many friends and/or family members into their painting. However, since the focus of your elopement or micro-wedding will be on the two of you anyway, this is a perfect heirloom and entertainment opportunity to do something special for just the two of you! As I mentioned above, it’s actually my most popular option amongst my live wedding painting couples. And so, you’re really not sacrificing any experience by hosting an elopement or micro-wedding!

Brittany live painting a couple at the Liriodendron Mansion. Image by Amanda MacPhee Studios.

A Live Wedding Painter Can Work From a Distance

While many wedding vendors have to work within close proximity of their clients, I actually have the ability to work from a distance. It’s going to be very distressing for this bubbly Jersey girl to not be able to hug you and your guests, but it’s very simple for me to adhere to social distancing guidelines while creating the live wedding painting of your dreams. I’ll even wear a mask if you request (perhaps even a custom painted one)!

Images at far left and right captured by Sarah Bradshaw Photography at the Gibson Island Yacht Club. Center image is a “Just the Two of Us” live wedding painting example from the Burlington Plantation.

Live Wedding Painting Is A Great Social Distancing Guest Entertainment Option

One of the harsh realities surrounding the discussion about this pandemic and weddings is the fact that we, sadly, don’t know when we will all be able to rock out together on a crowded dance floor. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice entertaining or keeping your guests engaged! Friends and family love watching a live wedding painting masterpiece come to life. One of the best compliments from my couples that I tend to receive after each wedding is that their guests continue talking about the live wedding painting experience months after the big day has passed! And so, even if it’s not in the cards to fist pump to “Living On a Prayer” right now (trust me, this Jersey girl is just devastated), your guests would be intrigued and entertained by a live painter.

Photographs by Christa Rae Photography from a wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.

Live Wedding Painting is Perfect for a Highly Stylized Ceremony

Since my “Just the Two of Us” package focuses on the couple and their wedding venue, it gives me, as the artist, a ton of room to play and incorporate all of the gorgeous wedding details into their custom painting.

Eloping or hosting an intimate micro-wedding doesn’t at all mean that you have to hold back on the gorgeous details. You’re able to still have the florals, decor, dress, colors, etc. of your dreams! In fact, an elopement or micro-wedding may mean you now have the opportunity to invest in those highly stylized details you couldn’t have otherwise afforded or managed with a 150+ person guest list. Let’s capture them forever in paint!

Ta da! My 4 reasons why a live painter is perfect for your elopements and micro-weddings. I know, as a wedding professional, I may seem bias. But, as your bubbly virtual friend, let me just say: don’t let COVID-19 convince you that your adapted wedding plans should be any less beautiful or special. And definitely don’t let it prevent you from having the keepsake heirloom you’ve always dreamed of.

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