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What Should I Do With My Live Wedding Painting After the Wedding?



The champagne has been clinked. The wedding cake has been devoured. Perhaps, even, the honeymoon has ended. Life calms down a bit, and you and your new spouse are now giggling as you skim through photos from the big day. Suddenly, that call or email comes through: “your live wedding painting is finished!” Now what?!

Display It

Don’t let that gorgeous piece of art dust away in some cold and lonely closet! Get it up on your walls! Better yet, display it on a wall that you will look at every single day. As someone who personally had a live painter at her own wedding, I can’t imagine not having that painting in our living room. Whether I’m grabbing my keys to head out the door, or binging on The West Wing reruns with my hubby, we get to stare at our painting. I swear we find something new about it every day, and you will too!

Use It As Your Thank You Notes

Talk to your live painter about scanning or taking a high res photograph of the final painting to use on your thank you notes! I promise your guests will be asking to see the completed painting long after the wedding day. So, why not show all of them?

I emphasize the “ask your live painter” part! Always check your contract and make sure you have permission from the artist to use an image of their original creation. Better yet, ask the artist to handle the scanning or photography. They know best!

Gift Prints To Your Family

Once again, be sure to check this over with your artist, but I can guarantee that your closest friends and family will treasure their own print of the completed live wedding painting!​ It may even make it on to the wall right next to your baby pictures, ha!


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