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3 Reasons You Should Have A Live Painter At Your Wedding



Are you on the fence about hiring a live painter for your wedding? Are you wondering why you should make room in your budget for it? Or maybe you’re just wondering what the heck the benefit of having one is? Well my friend, it’s your lucky day! I’ve got 3 amazing (if I do say so myself!) reasons why you HAVE to have a live painter at your wedding!

artist brittany branson live paints a bride in a graden

Artist Brittany Branson live painting a bride in Washington, DC. Image by Kelly Hornberger Photography.

#1: A Live Painter Helps Preserve Memories

Maybe you’ve heard a photographer say something like “you need to have great pictures because they last long after your wedding is over.” Well, they’re right, and paintings do too! Like your pictures, your wedding painting will be proudly displayed in your home for years to come, and will bring back all those warm, fuzzy feelings you had on your wedding day every time you see it! Trust me, I had a live painter at my wedding! Heck, I’m staring at the painting now!

#2 It Can “Create” A Memory

You see, the fun thing about live painting is, unlike the photographer, we live painters aren’t limited to capturing exactly what we see as it’s happening! Perhaps you would love a painting that shows both your ceremony and reception, even if they were in two very different locations? Totally possible! Or, perhaps you have a family member or friend (heck, even your pet!) who wasn’t able to physically be at the wedding? Ask your painter to add them in as a tribute! The painting is a creation for you.

#3: It’s Trendy

Even if you aren’t the trendsetter in your group of friends, you still want your wedding to be fun, beautiful, and not look super dated. What better way to have that than to have a live painter? Trust me…it’s trending, it’s fun to watch, and it’s definitely something all of your friends and family will talk about!

Oh, you wan’t a bonus reason? Oh, ok.

#4 It Helps Make For A Killer “Thank You” Card

Ask the painter to take a high quality photo of the painting once it’s finished, and then use it on your thank you cards! Your guests will get a kick out of seeing the final piece, and they’ll smile as they get a moment to re-live your special day all over again.

So, as you can see, there are so many reasons why hiring a live wedding painter is an absolute must. No matter your reasoning, it is definitely worth the investment, and something that you’ll cherish forever!

Does this all sound too good to pass up?

If you’re interested in having me live paint at your wedding, just shoot me a message now! Out of state? Oh, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Check out my recent blog post about live painting in every state here!


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