Have your original wedding plans changed because of the recent pandemic? Still interested in celebrating your original date with an intimate, virtual wedding? Make the occasion that much more special with a virtual live wedding painting!

Though life as we know it has come to a temporary (and awkward) pause, this doesn't mean your special day doesn't have to be any less special. For my couples, their live wedding painting experiences become one of their most treasured memories from their wedding days. Your virtual event doesn't have to be any different!

As I always say: gasps and clutched hearts guaranteed...even from the comfort of our own homes!

Virtual Live Wedding Painting

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Virtual Live Wedding Painting In a Nutshell

pick a wedding day MOMENT you want captured FOREVER, and I'll be right on the other side of the screen.
don't WORRY about a thing. I'll take care of all MATERIALS here in studio.
get MARRIED, at a safe distance, of course!
LIVE STREAM your special moment, and I'll get toWATCH and WORK.
a time lapse video of the creation of your painting is COMPLIMENTARY
GASPS and CLUTCHED HEARTS guaranteed.  
An HEIRLOOM painting to treasure FOREVER, shipped right to your door.
can it get any better?



Your Virtual Live Wedding Painting Experience includes my most popular "Just the Two of Us" live painting experience (the favorite amongst my couples and clients) on a special 11x14" canvas size. A perfect option for intimate moments, the painting will capture the two of you during a moment of your choosing (ceremony "I Dos" and first dances are very popular). 

As always, the addition of fur babies and other pets is complimentary.

Though the painting will begin to be crafted during your live streamed event, it may need additional in studio hours (for touch ups). Once completed and varnished, it will be safely packaged and shipped right to your door!

Should you love the addition of extra persons...or even crafting the painting to envision that family and friends were present, please contact me for a more specific quote!

Absolutely cannot wait to hear from you!

Virtual live wedding painting experiences begin at two installments of $275

A more custom experience and larger canvas sizes are available,
but gasps and clutched hearts are guaranteed.

Simply contact me below for more information



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how my business gives back

A common theme you'll notice throughout my art and clients is a love for dogs and animals. To help other fur babies find their future families, a portion of every live painting service or custom work of art is donated to local rescue groups, including Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, the organization that brought me my fur baby Bolt!

It's my hope that, when you invest in one of my paintings or services, you'll not only be blessed by it, but feel good about your purchase! Heres to saving more lives...together!



Absolutely! Your virtual live wedding painting experience includes my most popular "Just the Two of Us" painting. Because this painting will feature the two of you, more intimate moments tend to work best. These include ceremony "I Dos," first kisses, first dances, or even toasting each other. Should you love to add in additional guests, or create a painting that "envisions" what your day would have looked like should certain friends and family have been able to attend, please reach out for a more accurate quote!

Can I choose exactly what I would love to have painted?

I want my virtual live wedding painting couples to have as similar an experience to my in-person newlyweds as possible. This means I will not only be crafting your painting live as your event is taking place, but providing a time lapse video of the entire process so that you and your guests can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own homes. I will also paint a portion of your painting live on my own social media channels so that your guests can tune in to watch in real time!

What exactly will you be providing?

First, any photos of the space I'll be painting would be much appreciated. This way, I can constantly use those reference photos should your live feed become fuzzy. Then, on the big day, all I need is access to the public or private live stream feed of your wedding day/wedding moment! I will also be painting live on my own social media channels so that your virtual guests can watch my progress as well.

What do you need from us in order to do your thing?

The delivery of your completed painting may depend on the complexity of your scene as well as my schedule, but I anticipate each virtual live wedding painting will be completed within three weeks of your special day.

When will I receive my final painting?

I absolutely can! Simply reach out for some more information. I'd be happy to send you canvas size options, or even make a suggestion depending on the scene you would love painted.

We won't be able to live stream our event. Can you paint from a photograph?





and many more


Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon! 

If you’re interested in working with me, the best way to reach me is by either filling out the form or sending an e-mail to Hello@ByBrittanyBranson.com with more details about your virtual wedding! I'll get back to you as fast as my fingers can!

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