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1-on-1 Niche Coaching for Creatives

niche: adjective, a distinct segment of a market

You're on the cusp of greatness (and you know it, too)!

But, you're serving way too many masters (and you know that, too...).

Perhaps you're bringing in cash, but your clients and projects are so diverse it's pulling your brain both north and south (and maybe even east, west, and every other direction in between)!

Don't you wish you could wake up each day and kick butt doing "x,' but you constantly feel compelled to keep saying yes to "y" and "z?"

If you're ready to dig deep, find a tribe of peeps who adore you, and serve them well (oh, and make MONEY doing so)...

we need to have a chat...

I'm So Ready!

Trust me. You not only need to, but you're READY to niche down your business...


•It's the only way you're going to truly define yourself as an EXPERT in the eyes of your clients and colleagues.

•It helps you stay FOCUSED, as opposed to unnecessarily stretching your time and talents way too thin.

•Oh, and that FOCUS trickles into every area of both your business and personal lives...from marketing, to client experience, to happiness and contentment.

•It will help you attract HAPPY clients who trust you with their hard earned cash because they know what to EXPECT from you.

And the best part? It will help you identify a tribe of clients who may have otherwise been overlooked and never SERVED before, making you a superhero in their eyes! Ain't that a warm and fuzzy feeling?

Why Niche Coaching?

I've built a super niche business in an industry of wants, not needs (alas, weddings). After a super slow first year of live painting weddings, I grew my business nearly 1,400% by being myself, practicing in public, and a little strategy, of course. Now, I'm ready to share a lot of those super hard lessons with you so that you too can start attracting and serving the type of clients that still want to text you on a daily basis (even MONTHS after your contract was completed).

I'm Brittany! Around these parts, I'm known as the live wedding painter and wedding artist. I'm a Jersey Girl at heart, but you won't find any fist pumps here! Just a lot of hugs, Starbucks refreshers, classy Bravo television, and the occasional breaking out into song and dance.

Oh Heyyyy! What's Up?


You've defined a true and exciting, it's time to dominate in your domain.

•7 virtual meetings with yours truly to develop a creative strategy that will keep you focused, get you in front of more dreamy client eyeballs, and tackle the scary myths behind niching down.

•We'll start narrowing down and aligning your zones of genius (services) with who you can serve (niche peeps).

•We'll audit the most visible parts of your business (website and social media) and clean it up so that you start exciting your tribe.

You'll leave with strategy, clarity, determination, confidence, and, of course, a new cheerleader of you, your life and your business.


It's time to define your niche and determine where you're meant to go.

•2 virtual meetings with yours truly to define your niche and niche peeps.

•We'll take a look at the current state of your business + determine your ideal business + ideal life...

•Then, it's time we start aligning them all!

You'll leave with clarity and determination to start serving defined dreamies who look to you (and only you)!

my signature two part niche coaching system

Define & Dominate

I'm Ready To Define & Dominate!

Who are You?


...who could navigate the Adobe suite in your sleep (including those random apps that you don't really need, but your membership still pays for). You knew getting into wedding stationery design would mean jumping into a crowded pool, but you know you could create the most insane designs if given the chance. However, those chances aren't coming so easily. You're getting consistent work, but the work is all over the place and not challenging...

You're a Stationery Designer


...with a heck of a lot of talent, but you're creating #allthethings. You paint amazing formal oil portraits, but also create fluid acrylic abstracts. When people look for referrals for artists, you're quick to recommend yourself (because, let's be serious, you can rock their project), but you're confused when those leads don't bite. You know you've got talent, but you're terrified sticking to one type of art will suffocate your creativity... 

You're a passionate artist


...with a budding, recognizable style...but you're shooting #allthethings. Weddings, newborns, horses, oh my! You've had some clients here and there whom you've adored, but you're feeling really burned out having to appeal to a whole bunch of different people. You're ready to get more specific and attract clients who'll adore you, but you're afraid saying "no" to shooting certain types of sessions is foolishly saying "no" to cash...

You're a photographer


...and creatives who are tired of being "just another ___." It's for entrepreneurs who have a sense of who they're meant to be...but they're a little scared of the decisions it's gonna take to get there. They're ready to establish themselves as experts, work with incredible clients who adore them, and make money doing so. 

For multi-passionate professionals...


OK, OK, but who is niche coaching really for?