started my professional career in arts management and arts advocacy, but boy did I never imagine I would become a professional artist myself!

Having lived here in the DC area for the past ten years, a life supporting politics seemed to be my destiny at first. Fast forward through college, that degree turned into a BA in Dramatic Literature, but my spunky passion never died out! You could say I had found a way to "marry" my joys: love for people, the arts,  and creative strategy. 

It wasn't until my hubby and I hired our live painter for our own wedding did I envision becoming the person I had previously advocated for. I had never even heard of live wedding painting, but our painting is now one of our most precious heirlooms. I pinch myself everyday when I re-realize that I now create those precious keepsakes for my own couples in love.

I believe you deserve to be celebrated, and that your story is the best one worth telling. I can just happen to help you tell it through paint! I promise to celebrate your marriage through, well, love for people, the arts, and creativity!

My little family is the most important thing to me. And one third of this little family is our rescue pooch, Bolt! We can't imagine life without him.

To help other fur babies find their future families, a portion of every live painting service or custom work of art is donated to local rescue groups, including Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, the organization that brought us Bolt!

Lucky Dog alone has helped rescue more than 13,000 furry lives since 2009. They also mobilize resources in times of crisis, especially during natural disasters in which our furry friends are too often left behind or vulnerable.

It's my hope that, when you invest in one of my paintings or services, you'll not only be blessed by it, but feel good about your purchase! Heres to saving more lives...together!

Art With HEART

From the moment I first contacted her, she was so genuine, sincere and so happy to talk too!

I am in the wedding industry as well and I work with so many vendors, and I can honestly say that Brittany is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most hard working vendor I've worked with! We just love her and you will too! xo

Jenna & Sam

Kind Words

Must Haves


discover your girl behind the easel


Starbucks refreshers are LIFE


My pilot hubby. He flies around the world a lot, so we treasure every moment together


You'll rarely find me painting without a vase of flowers nearby


Looking forward to and planning our next adventure


The perfect sundress!

My Couples

• you're just as comfortable rocking that gala outfit as you do those sweats you still have from high school

• your pets are basically your children, but somehow better?

• you're always down to help or support a great cause

• family and friends are everything

• you adore things that are built to last, whether it's your grandfather's antique pocket watch or that KitchenAid mixer I spy on your registry

• you appreciate a bubbly live painter who made the above list as corny as she could

we'll probably go together like teresa giudice and a flipped table if