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How Would You Describe Your Style?

If impressionism and whimsicality had a baby, that would be me! I love color, and I tend to emphasize my couples’ incredible venues.

What Type of Paint Do You Use?

Acrylic! It’s quick-drying and allows me to paint and then move on to other layered elements much more quickly than other mediums.

Do You Paint Faces?

I create live paintings both without faces and with limited recognizable faces. My couples choose what they like best!

What Size Painting Should I Get?

My live wedding painting experiences begin on 16x20” canvases, with the 18x24" being the most popular. I’m more than happy to recommend a best canvas size depending on which moment(s) you would love for me to capture and where it will be displayed in your home!

What Is Your Set-Up Like At My Venue?

I provide all necessary materials, including my portable easel, your canvas, drop cloths, paints, etc. I simply request a chair and a high- boy sized table for me to set my paints and brushes on. Having them close to me and easily accessible helps me to paint faster! Aside from that, all I need is a dedicated space to set up and do my thing, typically about 4x6’ in size and within viewing distance of the moment(s) you’d love for me to capture.

Can You Paint My Brief Ceremony?

Yes! I would simply suggest I utilize a few of the 5 hours I’ll be on-site before the ceremony starts (so that I have a lot of the background completed before you two say your “I dos”). Then, I simply paint off of sneaky reference photos so that your guests can still enjoy the live wedding painting experience!

Do You Just Paint Weddings?

Nope! I’m not only available but happy to provide live painting experiences for corporate and holiday events, proposals, elopements, and other celebratory occasions!

Are You Insured?

Yes! I have standard liability insurance up to $1,000,000.

Do You Travel?

Absolutely! With a pilot hubby, let’s just say it’s natural. I’ve live painted all across the country. Events within a 30 mile radius of my base (the DMV area) do not require travel costs. Events more than a 30 mile radius but under a 3 hour drive will have mileage costs associated with the total experience price. Events over a 3 hour drive or out of state will require overnight accommodations and/or rental car/airfare! I can provide a more exact quote during a chat!
**Did you know I'm on a mission to live paint a wedding in every state? Message me to learn if your state still needs to be painted, because that may qualify you for waved travel fees!**

I Didn’t Know Live Wedding Painting Was A Thing When I Got Married!

Can You Paint A Photograph?
Absolutely! Wedding portrait and wedding venue paintings are not only a specialty of mine, but a great first anniversary gift (the tradition is paper, after all). Head to to learn more and commission yours today!

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