Legacy art doesn't just have to be created live.

Perhaps your wedding day has come and gone? Or you're looking for a one of a kind, custom element to celebrate your family legacy? Maybe a venue or home will forever remain in your heart, but you would LOVE to see it captured in paint?

There are countless reasons to commission an heirloom piece of art, and even more stories worthy of bringing to life via paint...allow me to capture yours.

Custom Art

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Custom Portrait Paintings

Have you ever rustled through those photographs in your hand, wishing you could swap this pose with that background? Or perhaps you never had a chance to capture your family, friend or fur baby at your favorite spot?

Don't worry. That's the magic of a custom painting...and it's my specialty.

Take J & E in this first example painting. J, the bride, commissioned this painting months BEFORE their wedding day! She envisioned wowing her guests by displaying this painting of her and her groom in their wedding attire in front of the massive stone fireplace that would serve as their ceremony "altar," but at the reception. Thanks to a few sneaky reference photographs, I crafted this heirloom painting to not only wow their guests ("how did the artist know what they would look like?!") but beautify their new home forever.

If you would love more information on my custom portrait painting process, simply contact me below! Custom experiences and canvas sizes available. Portrait paintings begin at $650.

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Wedding & Family Crests

A true legacy piece, a custom crest captures everything that is unique about and cherished by you and/or your family. A more modern take on ancient heraldry, each crest is one of a kind, just like you!

Though the final product is digital (making printing on stationery or other personal products easy peesy), each element of your custom crest is first hand painted by yours truly. Every object, icon, animal or place is inspired by your love or family story. It's my job to turn it all into a cohesive, colorful design you or your family will cherish forever.

Ready to learn more about my process? Simply contact me below for more information! Each crest is $515.

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Venue & Home Paintings

They say "home is where the heart is," but what if you could treasure that special place forever? 

Whether it's a childhood home or the spot you said your "I do's," a custom venue or home painting makes for a perfect gift, anniversary present, or special heirloom.

If you would love more information on my custom home or venue painting process, simply contact me below! Custom experiences and canvas sizes available. Venue and home paintings begin at $549.

a place that lasts forever


Custom Backdrops

A perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor ceremony space, backdrops add a dramatic wow factor and make for some stunning images.

The best part? You can keep them long after your special day has passed. Say hello to an incredible, brand new work of art for you and your significant other to treasure forever! Simply bring the painting to a framer and ask him/her to stretch it over bars or preserve it behind glass!

If you would love more information on my custom backdrops, simply contact me below! Custom sizes and lengths available. Backdrop paintings begin at $949.

a statement piece that lasts forever