- Pick a wedding day MOMENT you want captured FOREVER, and I'll be right there.
- Don't WORRY about a thing. I'll take care of all MATERIALS.
- Genuine SMILES and an educational SPIRIT included - guests love to WATCH and LEARN.
- GASPS and CLUTCHED HEARTS guaranteed.  
- An HEIRLOOM painting to treasure FOREVER.
- Can it get any better?

Jenna & Sam from Georgia

"I didn't even know I wanted a live painter at my wedding until I came in contact with Brittany..."

Andie & Rich from Georgia

"I loved hearing the reaction from guests when they saw you painting...you really helped make our wedding day one of a kind!"

Alyssa & Hunter from Florida

"If you're on the fence about having a live painting done, DO IT! Having a painting to display in your home is so magical."


"You can always have someone take a photograph, but having a painting of our first dance by someone that witnessed it and made it come to life on canvas on our special night gives it so much more meaning."