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Live Wedding Painting In Every US State and Territory Update!

July 4, 2018

Happy July 4th week everyone! It seemed especially appropriate that this week, as we celebrate this country’s Independence Day, that I share a little update on my goal to do some live wedding painting in every US state and territory!

But first, let me explain what exactly I’m talking about (for those of you who may be new around here)!

This month last year, I decided to embark on a journey to live paint at least one wedding in every US state and territory! I had a couple of reasons as to why I set this goal for myself. First, it would give me an excuse to actually take advantage of my pilot husband’s flight benefits! Second, it would be an opportunity to not only see the country, but get a taste for how couples may celebrate their special days differently depending on their state.

As a little, personal thank you to the couples who helped me check their state off my list, I waved travel fees, no matter who far (or near) their home state was to my Maryland! Thanks to all of you, I’m nearly 1/5 of the way towards my goal! How awesome is that?

live wedding painting in every US state and territory

As of July 2018, I’ve booked 9 states and territories! Where to next?

I’m so thrilled to share that, as of today, I have either live painted or am booked to live paint a wedding in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Alaska!

This journey isn’t possible without all of you! Us live wedding painters are such a tiny (but mighty) part of this vast wedding industry. We can’t possibly tell the world we exist without all of you! And so, not only am I thankful, but am asking that you keep telling your friends and family! Please share this goal of mine, especially on social media, and especially to any friends or family who live in the dozens of states and territories I have yet to visit. If you do (and PLEASE tag me) I’ll send you a little something pretty as a personal and heartfelt thank you.

Image of a south Georgia live wedding painting

My Georgia live wedding painting! Featuring Jenna and Sam’s gorgeous south Georgia venue complete with the most incredible spanish moss trees.

Chicago Illinois law library live wedding painting

My Illinois live wedding painting! Featuring K and T’s Chicago law library venue and family cultural traditions!

Dallas Texas White Sparrow Barn Live Wedding Painting

My Texas live wedding painting, featuring A and R’s gorgeous wedding at The White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas! The couple specifically requested that their venue and two dogs be painted!

Did you scroll to the bottom? Here’s what you need to know!

  • I’ve live painted or am booked to live paint a wedding in 9 US states and territories
  • I’m still waving travel fees for couples that help me check their state off my list!
  • Please share my goal to help me make it to the remaining states and territories! If you do, I’ll send you a little something pretty as a personal thank you.

Are you just totally ready for your own live wedding painting experience? Head here to learn more, then send me a hello here, or email me at!

And if you haven’t already, head here to YouTube to hear me talk about my heart behind live wedding painting and serving my couples with wedding art!


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