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Brianna and Chris’ Love Journey Wedding Map Painting and Seating Chart

June 21, 2017

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Newlyweds and sweethearts Tyler and Ed exchanged vows in a beautiful April ceremony at DAR Headquarters aided by their talented wedding planner Margo Fischer of Bright Occasions. I was incredibly honored to create not one, but two beautiful keepsake paintings for the couple and guests to enjoy. What was even better was that both of the paintings were functional! One served as the seating chart. The other will definitely go down as one of my all time favorite creations, a custom “love journey” wedding map painting that told the couple’s story!

Image of the bride and groom laughing with members of their wedding party

Brianna and Chris laughing with members of their wedding party.

Creating the Painting

Before meeting up with Brianna and Chris at a cool brewery in SE Washington, DC, their wedding planner Margo reached out to me with a few specific ideas for some paintings. In my humble opinion, the best idea was to incorporate Brianna’s pet bunny Aristotle in some way! I love incorporating my couples’ furry friends into their paintings, so of course I was excited. We sat down, I broke out my sketchbook, and we got to brainstorming!

image of sketchbook containing rough sketch of seating chart painting design

A rough brainstorm sketch of Brianna and Chris’ seating chart painting.

We first discussed the seating chart painting and reviewed a few different layouts. One option was to separate the guests’ tables by number, but assign each table to a miniature painting of a bunny. For the sake of making the painting easier to read by organizing everyone alphabetically. we decided to simply feature little Aristotle at the top. He would be surrounded by hand painted florals similar to the ones Brianna would use in her bouquet.

image of notebook containing original rough sketch of painting design

Original rough sketch for Brianna and Chris’ love journey wedding map painting.

We then moved on to our mutual favorite: the love journey wedding map painting. Inspired by the current wedding map trend, Brianna and Margo sent me an inspiration photo of an over-sized chalkboard letter piece of art that verbally described the couple’s love story. Being the lover of venue paintings that I am, I suggested we tell their love story in a series of painted location vignettes. I would design the painting as if it were a map, giving us all another opportunity to incorporate adorable Aristotle. He would be featured hopping down the road of the love journey wedding map, finally arriving at their DAR Headquarters wedding day!

The Paintings’ Special Meanings

There were so many personal and meaningful touches incorporated into Brianna and Chris’ paintings, it’s simply best to list them!

  • The beautiful and colorful florals by Eight Tree Street Floral¬†served as a major inspiration for both paintings! They appeared at the top of not only Brianna and Chris’ seating chart painting, but their love journey wedding map painting as well.
  • Brianna and Chris’ adorable pet bunny Aristotle makes an appearance at both the top and bottom of their seating chart painting, but hopping across the love journey wedding map painting as well.
  • The orange monogram at the top of the love journey wedding map painting was inspired by the monogram featured in the couple’s invitations.
  • A cool, slate gray finds it’s way in every painting to be consistent with Margo’s design.
  • A charming vignette painting of Georgetown University begins the love journey, an ode to where the couple met in grad school!
  • The logo for ChurchKey DC follows. It’s where Brianna and Chris had their first date! A vignette of the Jefferson Memorial and cherry blossom trees is also featured.
  • The path follows a Megabus to Durham, NC, a little ode to the time Brianna and Chris had to date long distance!
  • A sailboat floats near the Washington Monument as a tribute to the SW Waterfront neighborhood where the couple moved in together.
  • Finally, Aristotle hops on over to a venue vignette of DAR Headquarters because it’s the couple’s wedding day!
image of seating chart painting by brittany branson

Brianna and Chris’ seating chart painting. Image by Emily Clack Photography.

image of love journey map painting by brittany branson

Brianna and Chris’ Love Journey Map Painting. Image by Emily Clack Photography.

image of the bride and groom cutting their wedding cake

Brianna and Chris cut their wedding cake. Image by Emily Clack Photography.

Sending so many happy thoughts your way, Brianna and Chris! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your oh so gorgeous, special day!

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