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Cherry Blossom Painting Collection, Spring 2017

May 17, 2017

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a cherry blossom painting titled sakura serenity featuring fluffy cherry blossom blooms

“Sakura Serenity,” 24×36″

If you’re local to the Washington, DC area, you understand the cherry blossoms. Sure, they indicate a temporary inability to enjoy the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial, overcrowded Metro stations, and influx of those annoying neon “Washington, DC” street vendor sweatshirts… But, more importantly, they indicate that oh so beautiful Spring is on its way! It’s a special time in the city…but, for those who may not know this already, the cherry blossoms are also super important to me (personally)! It’s not only where my now hubby asked me to be his girlfriend, but his wife! So you bet I had to do them what justice I could with my Cherry Blossom Painting Collection, Spring 2017. Here are some of my favorite pieces, some of which would still love a loving home!

a painting featuring peach and pink cherry blossom blooms and petals

“Peaches and Pink,” 18×24

I really wanted to capture the look and feel of cherry blossom petals caught in a breeze; what happens out of the corner of your eye when you can’t yet quite focus on an individual bloom fluttering in the wind.

“Whimsy In the Wind,” 9×12

a painting titled whimsy in the wind featuring pink cherry blossoms against a blue sky

“Whimsy In the Wind,” 9×12

I ended up finger painting most of the blooms! I would start with a dab of pink-tinted white, and then dunk my finger in water before rubbing the edges of the petal as thin as possible. This gave them a rather ethereal and “fluffy” look!


a painting featuring pink cherry blossom blooms on a thin branch

“Prunus serrulata,” 8×10


a painting featuring pink cherry blossoms against a pink and white background

“Stand Out,” 11×14

Love them? Me too! Give one of these beauties in the Cherry Blossom Painting Collection, Spring 2017 a home today!

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Brittany Branson is a Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland wedding, floral, and live painter


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