Live Wedding Painting

As someone who had a live wedding painter at her own wedding, I can't imagine not having our own heirloom painting! Here's why...



What Exactly Is Live Wedding Painting?

It's pretty much what it sounds like! I set up my easel and my paints on your special day, and paint!

What Makes Live Wedding Painting So Special?

Not only will it entertain your guests (they LOVE watching my progress throughout the evening), but it will be one of the first heirloom keepsakes you'll treasure forever after as a married couple! Also, unlike your photographer, since I'm creating with paints I'm not "married" to strictly capturing exactly what I see. My job is to paint the mood, feeling, and joy of your wedding day. This could mean creating a painting that combines multiple settings (for example, a church ceremony and reception), or even painting the likeness of a loved one who was not able to physically be present on your special day. As someone who personally invested in a live painter for my own wedding (heck, I'm staring at our painting as I write this), I can't imagine not having it.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Once you've filled out my contact form, I'll quickly confirm with you whether or not I'm available on your special date. From there, we'll hop on the phone so that I can learn more about you, your love story, and the details you've already planned for the big day. After you've decided that you're completely obsessed with live painting, I'll send you an agreement and invoice for the package you choose. I require a 50% deposit to save your date in my book, but do offer payment plans to make the remaining balance a bit easier on you! Then, as the big day approaches, we'll discuss what elements you would love for me to paint! Whether it's your ceremony, first dance, or a combination of things, it's gonna be beautiful. After that, I get all sorts of excited because the next time we'll chat is when we're face to face on your wedding day! I'll be discreetly painting for the number of hours you hire me to, and then I'll take the painting home to add all of the details. You should have your keepsake painting within two weeks of the big day!

What's Included In My Investment?

My package begins at four hours on-site (one location) painting on a 18x24" canvas. Additional hours on-site and larger canvas options are definitely available! How you use me for those hours is completely up to you. I've arrived hours before a ceremony to quietly paint details before the actual celebration, or I have arrived around cocktail hour to paint into the reception as entertainment for guests! Typically, my amazing couples invest about $1,350 for my live wedding painting services. Please message me for more accurate pricing based on your desires!